A Torino dal 14 al 19 Aprile 2016 il Forum for European Journalism Students,

Il Congresso Annuale 2016 del Forum for European Journalism Students, (FEJS international ) si terrà a Torino dal 14 al 19 Aprile 2016. Il tema di quest’anno sarà Making Media and Innovative Journalism. Per iscriversi c’è tempo fino al 10 gennaio.

The Forum for European Journalism Students together with the “Associazione Allievi del Master in Giornalismo ‘Giorgio Bocca” kindly invite you to the 2016 Annual Congress (AC) in Turin​, Italy, which will take place from 14th to 19th of April​.

The aim of the chosen topic “Making Media and Innovative Journalism” is to explore new tools and ways to report news in the “Digital Era”. Social networks and the “world wide web” have been changing the instruments that journalists can count on together with the behavior of people who read or listen to the news. Thus, current journalists must provide high quality reports and inquiries that are “engaging” and economically sustainabl

If you wish to apply, please fill out the application form below.

Please note only 100 people can take part in this AC. Participants will be selected based on time of application, relevance of study/work field and number of applicants per country. Additional applicants will be placed on a waiting list. The FEJS events are focused on work and information exchange among students of journalism around Europe – attendance to all lectures, workshops and official activities is required. If you wish to participate, please fill in this application form correctly.